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Listen. Watch. Defend.

A white friend of mine asked me, what he should do in response to all of the rioting. He wanted to know how could contribute to bettering things in response to the brutal murder of George Floyd, the civil injustice and widespread racism towards black people. 

I didn't know how to respond, initially. After all of the work and protests to have our voices heard by society, how does one effectively respond to an individual who wants to change for our betterment. 

I knew this ugly cancerous monster of racism and injustice wasn't all on his shoulders, but I knew that this is where the solution starts. With the individual. Just like solving cancer begins on a cellular level. I told him that the best he could do was to understand the importance of what was going on for us. 

To know that someone else is deeply affected by the way he talks and behaves toward people of color. To know that we are people just as he is and that our lives matter like everyone else. We are no different and no less important than anyone else is.

It wasn't until the following day that my thoughts settled on three words that summed everything up for combating racist acts, poisonous beliefs, and violence toward people of color. 


Listen. Watch. Defend.


I knew this was a direct link resulting from my relationship with God. First came the words. Then came the definitions. 

  • Listen to how you say things.

  • Watch how you behave.

  • Defend what you believe. 


It all made sense. If you wish to make things better for others, you must pay attention to how you say things. We all have that time in between voicing our thoughts into the world and thinking it through first. 

It's up to us to think about the words we wish to speak and to be aware of the people around us that will be infected by our words. 

It's our choice, so choose wisely.

It's our thoughts that fuel our actions. So we must watch and we aware of those thoughts prior to committing any actions. That is our responsibility as human beings.

Our thoughts are fueled and secured by our beliefs. It is up to us to decide what we want to believe and why. Many beliefs are instilled in us through the influences made in our childhood, but we can change what we were taught if we truly believe that those beliefs are wrong. 

But all things in life are made of in depletable energy, so you cannot erase something that you believe without replacing it with something new. If you replace fear and hate with love, you will have to fight continuously to alter those old values. 

Practice your new-found belief as often as you can by showing love to all of those around you. This will not be easy, as your previous belief as established deep roots into your psyche. Which is why you will have to make the decision to defend this new belief with vigor. Defend it from external influences, common mental triggers, and all other unknown threats of reversion.


Listen. Watch. Defend.


This is one good path to change that we could use from within us as individuals and as a society. At least, this is my belief. I've created shirt designs to help spread the message as my contribution to the world. I hope and pray it helps, along with this blog. 

Godspeed! Peace and love to all!

Here's to a new world understanding!


-Jordan Robinson

Founder of “What The HTTP?”